Do you have a Pinterest board full of home gallery ideas, but lacking the inspiration to actually implement it?

For a long time, I procrastinated setting up a gallery wall of my travel photos because I just couldn’t decide where to start…

Matching frames, or mixed designs? What colour? Which wall? What configuration? Which photos?!

I get it, I really do.. but when I bit the bullet and got it up, it became the statement piece of our home and always received comments from friends and family when they visited.

I went with a prepackaged gallery set like this one, but in chocolate brown ( the box I got a set of 11 frames in various sizes, plus two installation maps with suggested templates for the wall. I used 2 sets of frames, as the wall I chose was quite long!

Using blue tack, I positioned the templates on the wall til I was happy with the layout, and then used 3M velcro hooks to attach my frames to the wall. I used two velcro hooks per frame (one on either side) for stability, and happy to say that 3 years later they are all still hanging strong. You can also use hooks, however I wanted to reduce the risk of damaging my walls – just in case!

Now all that is left is to add some custom scrabble tiles, and our gallery wall will be complete!

The Crafty Fox - Custom Scrabble Tiles & Plaques